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Unlock the secrets of profitable specialty vending! Our new ebook, Riches in a Box, is your ultimate guide to starting and scaling a successful vending machine business. Choose from 4 versions, including the Starter for beginners and the Platinum for serious investors. Get tips on location, machine selection, top vendors, and more. Plus, exclusive discounts and lifetime updates! Start your vending journey with confidence.

What You'll Get:
Learn everything from....

  • What is Specialty Vending? 
  • How Can it Generate Passive Income?
  • THE BIG QUESTION: Location or Machine First? 
  • 50 Machine Ideas
  • Our Top Rated Smart Vending Machine Vendor
  • Our Secret Alibaba Shopping Hack
  • Our Top Rated Smart Vending Machine Vendor
  • Our Top Rated Business Insurance Vendors
  • Location Proposal Pitch Template
  • Vending Machine Business Plan Template for Locations
  • Business Referrals: Enjoy exclusive discounts on graphic design, accounting, and more!
  • Lifetime Updates (when the book is updated, you’ll receive a notification so you always stay up to date with promotions, tips, and deals!)

This book is also applicable to snack/drink vending machines.


    • Location Search Services Included ($400 value): Let us help you find a location by creating a custom location proposal and pitching it on your behalf. Minimum of 90 days is required for this service. We will also ensure we supply you the necessary permits/licenses/insurance requirements necessary for the location and city/state it is located. If no location is found within 90 days, you are entitled to a refund of 25% of total value. 
    • FREE Setup & Protection Kit Included ($300 value): Be prepared for setup and protect your investments all-in-one place. In this kit you will receive: (1) Compatible Wi-Fi Router, (1) Blink Doorbell Camera, (1) Blink Wired Camera, (1) Extension Cord USB Pack, (1) Glass Cleaner + Towels, and Custom Guiding and Warning Labels (w/ Your Brand/Logo) for Your Machine to Assist Customers | *Blink subscription plan not included & Wi-Fi service not included; must be purchased separately.
    • FREE Wrap Design Included ($350 value): With this e-book purchase, you’ll receive a FREE vending machine wrap design. This includes both sides, the front, and back of your machine - you just provide the dimensions of the machine (if it is from a vendor outside of our Preferred Vendor) as well as the information you would like on the machine (logos, copy, brand identity, etc). This voucher can only be redeemed one time per order number and you are allowed up to 3 revisions. Voucher expires one year after the e-Book purchase date. 
    • FREE Marketing Materials (specifically geared towards your vending machine): 100 Custom Business Cards and 100 Custom (4x6) Flyers ($100 value). This voucher can only be redeemed one time per order number and you are allowed up to 3 revisions. Voucher expires 6 months after the e-Book purchase date. 
    • 3 Months of FREE 1:1 Consultation Access for Any Questions on Your Journey ($750 value)

No refunds.

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