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Products Available In: Sugarloaf Mills Mall | Press-on Nail Sets

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Birthday: January 19th

Website & Social Media:@donebyduchess |

3 Fun Facts About Duchess

1) I just moved to ATL 1 year ago 2) doing nail was a dream of mine since a kid 3) I love painting in my past time .

Mini Bio

I am a 22 year old licensed nail tech from Detroit . I love meeting new people and trying new outside adventures. Outside of doing acrylic nails full time I spend a lot of my free time continuing to do press on nails. plan on being a celebrity nail tech my any means within the next year.

Why Did You Start Your Business?

I started my nail business because I have had a dream of doing nails since around the age of 4 . After COVID, I started doing my own nails and realized how much fun I had simply laying acrylic . So I went to school to learn . And after moving away from my mother I realized I can make nails for press ons for people as well. Which also gave me a reason to do what I love even when I had no physical clients.