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Products Available In: Sugarloaf Mills Mall | Custom Luxury Bundles

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Birthday: February 26th

Website & Social Media: and @pressonnailsxdomlasha

3 Fun Facts About Dom

1. I was a tattoo artist

2. I'm a tall 4' 8"

3. Glitter is my favorite color!

Mini Bio

As an army wife and mompreneur with 20 years in the beauty industry, I proudly own and operate Simply Nail Eden. Embracing eco-friendliness and inclusivity, I craft custom nail and skin care products while educating on beauty industry best practices. My mission? Delivering top-notch products and services to all!

Why Did You Start Your Business?

Simply Nail Eden was created out of a desire to share my art with as many people as possible. As often as possible. It has evolved into a way to not only share my art, but my knowledge and care I have for people to the masses.