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Products Available In: Sugarloaf Mills Mall | Strip Nail Bundles & Individual Sets

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Birthday: October 20th

Website & Social Media: | @jessimynails / @thevirtualnailshop 

3 Fun Facts About Jessi

1) Became established as an 18-year-old Licensed Full Specialist in the state of FL and became one of the first Americans to work in a Vietnamese-owned nail Salon known as MAXIM. 2) First Class Graduate of Winter Park Tech’s  Nail & Facials course, serving as the Only DUAL enrolled student at the time to become licensed in both Nails & Facials. 3) My nails and skin care products have been featured in many pop-up events, as well as featured in a Mobile Nail Supply Bus, Nail Academy School/Spa/Supply.

Mini Bio

Jessi is a Full Specialist who takes Nails & Skin Care seriously, but never forgets to add some fun and flair through her passion for nail art. With JESSIMYNAILS, she offers clients the perfect balance of self-care and fabulous nail designs, ensuring that you love every step of your Nail Care Routine.

Why Did You Start Your Business?

I founded my business to bring a much-needed boost to others' self-care regimens. With a unique alternative to in-person services, you can easily achieve salon-quality results, pamper yourself at home or on-the-go and feel confident every time you tap into The Virtual Nail Shop.