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Our mission is to forge a trailblazing marketplace that empowers skilled nail technicians and artists, enabling them to showcase and vend their premium press-on nails and nail care products, including essential supplies for the nail technician, through our state-of-the-art vending machine network. By championing this innovative platform, we aim to illuminate the craftsmanship of local and national artisans, fostering collaborations with the most revered and recognized names in the nail industry. Integral to our ethos is a commitment to extending our reach into underserved communities, ensuring equitable access to high-quality nail care solutions.

Our Values

Collaborative Empowerment

Building partnerships with nail artists and community members, empowering creativity and shared success in a supportive ecosystem.

Inclusive Diversity

Celebrating the beauty in diversity, offering products and experiences that reflect and embrace the unique identities of our customers and artists.

Community & Engagement

Actively contributing to and engaging with local communities to foster meaningful connections and support local growth.

Customer Service & Convenience

Delivering outstanding service and unparalleled convenience with easily accessible, high-quality nail products available on demand.

Quality & Sustainability

Upholding the highest standards of quality and artistry in our products while committing to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Integrity & Growth

Operating with integrity and a commitment to continuous learning, leveraging feedback and experiences to drive personal and business growth.