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Teja Bevill

Teja Bevill, the dynamic force behind NailPharm®, is a maven of unique nail artistry. Her journey began with a dream to cultivate a digital sanctuary where nail aficionados could explore affordable, creative expressions without the constraints of time or the hefty price tag of traditional salon visits. Through relentless dedication and a flair for innovation, Teja meticulously sculpted every facet of NailPharm®, from the intricate designs to the intricacies of business and marketing. Her vision has now materialized into a vibrant brand that stands at the crossroads of eCommerce and tactile retail, a testament to her prowess in navigating the complex landscape of business, manufacturing, and branding. Join Teja and the NailPharm® revolution, where every press-on nail set is a statement piece, and every vending machine encounter is a step into the future of nail art indulgence.

The Story Behind NailPharm®

From the vibrant heart of Atlanta, Georgia, NailPharm® shines as a beacon of black-owned, independent entrepreneurial spirit, redefining the nail industry with a splash of innovation and a dash of convenience. At NailPharm®, we're not just about adorning your fingertips with the latest trends; we're revolutionizing the way you experience nail fashion with our trailblazing NailPharm Marketplace Vending Machine. Our mission? To transform your nail routine with our exquisite, handcrafted press-on nail sets, while nurturing the health of your nails and bringing the luxury salon experience directly to you.